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We organise social events on a high gastronomic and organisational level. TOWER PARK PRAHA has a unique, original and segmented layout. It is possible to hold events in numerous floors of the lookout tower, as well as in the Congress Hall and the exterior premises with an area of 1,500 m2. Our guests can use our high-capacity private parking space and numerous other services. Based on your demands, we will prepare a tailor-made offer including a visualisation of possible layouts. Professionals in their field with significant recommendations hold key organisational positions (chef, chief barman, main sommelier) in TOWER PARK PRAHA.

We offer commented tastings, wine-tasting evenings, lectures from gastronomic elites in their field, significant holidays accompanied by culinary and cultural events. We organise these activities ourselves and also provide our services to external clients. TOWER PARK PRAHA also purchases significant amounts of products and goods. In the future we might become one of your business partners.

Eva Stehlíková

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TOWER PARK PRAHA is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. Similarly like other towers all over the world, the one in Prague also hosts an observatory. This multifunctional space with a unique view of Prague, which is also the highest view of the metropolis, can be used in a multitude of ways and can be transformed for various functions. It successfully incorporates the lookout platform into other possible uses and provides individuals, groups, companies, non-profit organisations but also large conglomerates with an attractive space to hold events. The Tower has hosted significant art openings which were attended by distinguished personalities.

TOWER PARK PRAHA is sure to appeal to strong business brands as a partner in the field of advertising.




Resident manager

Petr Jendrejčák

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V areálu TOWER PARK PRAHA je nejen našim hostům k dispozici 27 stání na venkovním parkovišti a 100 míst v podzemní placené garáži. Na venkovním parkovišti je možno využít prvních 15 minut stání zdarma, podzemní garáž nabízí i dlouhodobý pronájem vyhrazených míst, např. pro rezidenty v okolí.

Již brzy rozšíříme naše služby o ruční mytí aut.

Price list

Outdoor parking

40 Kč/h

Underground garage

50 Kč/h, 5.445 Kč/month

TOWER PARK creates a multitude of job opportunities. A significant part is represented by gastronomic professions. As our number of employees is influenced by the seasonal curve, we are basically constantly seeking new talents with an enthusiasm for their trade, be it cooks, waiters/waitresses, barmen, pastry-cooks, butchers, receptionists and hostesses. We also welcome representatives of technical fields, who are able to take care of the unique construction of TOWER PARK PRAHA, mainly general workmen.

If you would like to work for us, please send us your CV.
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Our goal is to attain a maximum number of satisfied clients, who will positively assess our services and become our regular guests. If you are not satisfied with our services, we are open to your recommendations and wishes. As we cannot eliminate the occurrence of small imperfections, we perceive them as an opportunity for growth in order for us to reach utter customer satisfaction. Please contact us here: