Miminoo Garden Restaurant

A quiet place in the heart of Prague with a relaxing atmosphere and an offer of excellent dishes and good drinks, you will find all this in the garden restaurant MIMINOO located directly under the Žižkov Television Tower. This elegant building in the park is a pleasant place to relax during the summer months, be it in the swings or simply by renting a picnic set or just simply enjoying the shade in the outside seating area. In the winter hide away from the cold and watch the romance of Prague from our our fully-glassed restaurant.

The meals we offer are governed only by one law ‒ unique ingredients and a entirely home-made preparation. Lovers of Czech and Italian cuisine will also find their heart’s desire ‒ we serve home-made crackling spread with unpasteurised beer kept in steel containers shipped directly from the breweries and tasty bacon from the Italian Dolomites. This by no means concludes our list of delicacies ‒ you may also enjoy home-made cakes and pies, excellent ice-cream, steaks and the popular mini spaghetti alla chef with carpaccio. Of course we also have a daily menu put together by the head chef, Daniel Prášek, who knows exactly what you will like thanks to his numerous years of experience.