World Federation Of Great Towers

The World Federation of Great Towers is an international association of great monuments which includes some of the most famous buildings in the world.

The tower is one of mankind’s oldest architectural accomplishments. A tower gave an elevated view of the surrounding country and made it possible to see an enemy approaching. Its walls protected those inside and gave them a powerful strategic advantage. The Neolithic walled town of Jericho, the Nuraghe of Sardina and the Brochs of Scotland are all examples of ancient defensive towers.

But soon the impulse that shaped towers moved beyond the pragmatic and defensive. “Let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven”. These words are from the Book of Genesis and refer to the Tower of Babel, a huge tower built on the plain of Shinar. Although the Tower of Babel’s actual appearance, scale and location is now unknown, this phrase stands tall in tower mythology as a powerful early literary evocation of the impulse for transcendence that guides the creation of so many of today’s great towers.

Today each new tower strives to top the architectural achievements of the towers that came before. Most of the extraordinary buildings in the World Federation of Great Towers have become a symbol of their cities. Modern ingenuity and technology now make it possible to reach incredible heights and every few years records are broken.

Towers have acquired new purposes in communications and tourism. The rise of the skyscraper has paralleled the rise of telecommunications and most of the towers in the Federation now are home to multiple transmitters. Millions of visitors scale the great towers of the Federation each year to admire their spectacular panoramas. Attracting tourists has become a big part of the day to day business of running a tower and towers now offer rides, revolving restaurants, exhibitions, business conventions, wedding venues and a host of other attractions to cater to their visitors.

The World Federation of Great Towers exists to showcase these great towers and celebrate the astonishing feats of architecture and engineering that created them. The Federation also exists to help develop local and international opportunities for its member towers to promote themselves and to encourage networking, idea sharing and fruitful partnerships between the great towers of the world. In isolation each towers is monumental. Together as an association they stand even taller.